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3 Tips On Extending Your Air Conditioner's Shelf Life

When it comes to making sure that the summer months aren't entirely unbearable, nothing works quite as well as an air conditioner. An air conditioner can serve you well by keeping you cool during moments of sweltering heat. Having said that, air conditioners can be fickle beasts. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn just a few tips on how to extend your air conditioner's shelf life.

Clean Your Unit

Like all in-home appliances, your air conditioning unit demands cleanliness. If you allow your air conditioner to remain dirty, then debris and dust can enter the unit and effectively make it, well, less effective. Cleaning your central air unit is a relatively painless affair that shouldn't take but a few moments and a bit of elbow grease. Power off the unit by cutting off its electricity on your circuit breaker; this is to ensure your safety. Clean out the leaves and debris from the unit itself, and from around the unit. Spraying your unit down with a hose for a brief moment is also recommended. While you are cleaning your unit, it is recommended that you also change its filter.

Service Your Unit

Although having your unit serviced by a professional may seem like basic information, there are a few things you should know about this. For example, many vendors offer service packages when they sell you an air conditioning system. Take advantage of this phenomenon. A licensed air conditioner repair person will not only clean your unit, but will inspect its insides to make sure that your unit is in good working condition. It is recommended that you have your system inspected once per year, right before the summer months begin, or whenever you plan on using your air conditioner regularly.

Make Sure The Unit Stays Cool

Although your air conditioner serves you by ensuring that your home stays cool, you also have to be diligent about making sure that it stays cool, as well. During installation, make sure that the unit is placed somewhere cool and in the shade. Not only will this serve to extend the life of your unit, it will not have to work nearly as hard to produce the results that you desire, ensuring that your unit will be much more energy efficient.

It doesn't take much to help make your air conditioner longer lasting and more energy efficient. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how to increase your unit's shelf life. These few tips will also decrease the chance that you will have to have your air conditioner unit repaired! To learn more, visit a website like