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6 Reasons To Add More Insulation To Your Home

Insulation is normally applied to walls, attics and even crawl spaces. Homes generally have insulation installed at the time of construction. However, more can be added periodically. There are multiple reasons to add more insulation to your home. Here are a few of them:

Lower Energy Bills

Insulation helps increase the energy efficiency of your home. Although your HVAC system may be energy-efficient, your home's heating and cooling costs may still be higher than they should be. Since heating and cooling needs can account for a large percentage of your electric bills, the installation of more insulation can be important.

 A home that is not well insulated allows air to seep in from outside, and it permits conditioned air inside the home to leak out.

Insulation helps ensure that your home maintains comfortable conditions without placing greater demands on your heating and air conditioning system. The harder your system works, the greater the electrical expenditures.  

Smaller Carbon Footprint

As more energy is used, your carbon footprint increases. If you are concerned about the preservation of the environment, insulation can help you be ecologically responsible by lessening unnecessary energy usage.

Comfortable Living Space

Adding insulation can help ensure that the temperatures within your home remain more stable. Rooms that are unusually drafty or are hotter than the other rooms of your home can maintain a more comfortable and stable temperature.

Less Chance of Mold Invasion

Without proper installation, a greater amount of moisture may invade your home. These moist conditions can encourage the growth of mold. The spores from mold can incite allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other negative health conditions. Thus, a mold infestation is best avoided.

In addition to the unsavory health conditions associated with mold, expensive mold remediation efforts along with repairs to your home may be needed if a mold infestation occurs. 

Quiet Time

Insulation can also help lessen the amount of noise that is transmitted through your walls. The sound-absorbing nature of the material can help your home feel more like a sanctuary.

Refreshed Insulation

Even if your home once had an adequate amount of insulation, the material tends to settle over time. As the insulation settles, it becomes less effective and the energy efficiency of the material suffers. Additional insulation can help fortify your existing material.

To have more insulation installed in your home, schedule an appointment with an insulation services contractor in your area. He or she will be able to install the type and amount of insulation needed.