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How To Improve Furnace Efficiency

Furnace efficiency is of vital importance to a homeowner. You might not know it, but one of the biggest strains on your wallet is your furnace. You might try to solve this problem by buying the most efficient furnace you can find, and while this is a step in the right direction, if your home is not energy efficient, the quality of your furnace will not do enough to keep your home warm. Thus, you need to look into ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. 

The Color of Your Roofing

Roofing might not be your first thought when installing heating and cooling equipment, but the color of your roofing can make a big difference in whether your home heats up or stays cool. Light-colored roofing will reflect the sun's light away from your roofing and, thus, help it to stay cool. If you live in the North, you might need more help keeping your home warm than keeping it cool. Thus, you should consider installing dark-colored roofing on your home. It will absorb the sun's rays and provide passive heating for your home. 

The Type of Windows You Use

Your windows are the weakest spot in your home's insulation envelope. Even if you have double- or triple-pane windows in your home, they will not do enough to keep your home warm. Windows trap gas between the panes of glass to try to stop energy transfer, and while this gas can help, it will not do enough. A sheet of energy-efficient window film will reflect heat back into your home before it has a chance to escape. Traditional insulation will trap heat, and while window film is not traditional, it can still help to reduce your heating costs by up to 25%. And unlike the color of your roof, window film will help you out year round. Good window film will help to reduce your cooling costs by up to 23% by screening out the sun's UV rays.

A highly efficient furnace will help to decrease your heating costs, but by finding ways to heat up your home without a furnace, and by helping your home to retain heat once it does heat up, you can decrease the demand on your furnace, and thus reduce your heating costs. While it might be too much to hope to entirely eliminate your heating bills, you can and should take steps to reduce the strain on your budget. 

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