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How Do You Know If You Need A New Gas Furnace?

Your gas furnace is an appliance you can't be without, especially when temperatures drop in the winter months. However, if you're having problems with your furnace, it can be tough to determine whether you should invest in a new model or simply continue to have repairs done. The following clues should help you figure out whether it's time to start shopping for a new gas furnace.

Your Gas Furnace is Too Old

The most obvious reason that you might need to buy a new furnace is that the old one is just too old to continue working properly. Most furnaces have a life range of 13 to 20 years; if you already know that your furnace is that old, it is time to start thinking about buying a new one. 

What if you don't know how old the furnace is because it was there before you arrived? There are a few ways to figure out the furnace's age. One way is to take a look at the appliance and search for a sticker that displays the information. Another way is to note the serial number on the side of the furnace, which may offer some clues. Finally, you can just get in touch with the furnace's manufacturer and tell them what model you have; they may be able to help you with some information about the age.

Your Heating Bills Go Up Drastically

It can be costly to heat your home even when your gas furnace is working the way it should. However, if your bills start to get very high and there has been no drastic change in usage, that could be a sign that you need a new furnace.

One reason for the rising cost might be the heat exchanger, the part of your furnace that heats up the air. If the heat exchanger has a crack in it from contracting and expanding over time, that can affect the pilot light and the functioning of other furnace components. You might be able to get that repaired, but if the heat exchanger is not the problem, it could be that the furnace is losing energy-efficiency and you would benefit from a newer one.

You're Always Having the Furnaced Fixed

If you're always having a furnace service company come out to your house, that could be a sign that it's time for your gas furnace to go. If you notice that repair costs are costing almost as much as a new furnace, it's time to look into a new model.

Talk to your furnace contractor about whether it is advisable to buy a new gas furnace. They can help provide necessary guidance so that you can always have a well-functioning furnace in your home. Companies like Chappel's Heating & Cooling may be able to meet your needs in this area.