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Tips To Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

Having a working AC unit in the summer isn't something to discredit, but outdoor units can be unsightly and might not fit in well with your landscaping plan. Outdoor AC units are just a fact of life, but you can get creative with hiding your air conditioner. Here are four clever ideas to cover up and keep your outdoor AC unit out of sight.

1. Cover Up With Plants

There are plenty of shrubs, tall grasses, and even bamboo that can grow up and cover your outdoor AC unit. This process should be done with some care by following up with routine yard work to make sure that plants aren't interfering with your AC unit. It is a good idea to plant alongside the unit that needs to be hidden, but not all the way around which would prohibit access for repair.

2. Design a Well-Placed Storage Area

If you can fence in your AC unit, you can leave some space for other yard tools to be hidden from sight as well. Outdoor items such as gardening equipment and pool supplies that can have a place behind this fenced area. You can either design a fully enclosed space or even just a wall of fencing in front of your AC unit for quick, accessible storage.

3. Build Around Your AC Unit

Another option is to spruce up your AC unit with a decorative exterior. This needs to be designed to make airflow a priority. Keep one side clear or with a hinged access point so that your unit can be serviced when needed. Decorative metal fencing or a wooden lattice can be built up around your unit and can be designed to match your home or landscaping plan.

4. Be Involved With AC Replacement

If you are in need of installing or replacing an AC unit, be sure to bring your aesthetic needs to the table when working with your AC contractor. If you can change the location of your external AC unit, it can be moved to the back of your home or in a corner that isn't as visible. Keep in mind though - a spot that gets more afternoon shade will help your AC work more efficiently.

As long as you aren't blocking the flow of air to your unit and it is still accessible for servicing and air conditioning repair, the sky's the limit when it comes to hiding this from view. There is no need to be bothered by an ugly air conditioning unit in your yard. Cover up your AC unit by working your overall outdoor landscaping look to make this a feature, not an eyesore.