Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

A Valuable Lesson in Air-Conditioning Service and Its Importance

Some property owners do not realize that not getting their air-conditioning system serviced can result in major issues. Perhaps it is the beginning of the warm season in your area. It can be very tempting to go ahead and turn on your AC unit for the first time of the season and "break it in." However, take a moment to consider how many months have passed since you last used your air conditioning, and you should be able to understand why it needs to be inspected and serviced. 

Benefits of Air-Conditioning Service

The most important benefit is that you can reduce the chances of your AC system needing repairs, and fewer breakdowns will likely mean that your AC system will last a long time before needing to be upgraded. The service will include an inspection of the AC system and all of its components. Areas that are damaged will be repaired, and that means that you can expect improved efficiency. For example, you may have leaky ducts that need to be replaced. 

Steps to Prepare for the Service Visit

There are some things you can do before the professional arrives. These measures would be ideal if you are unable to immediately schedule your AC maintenance appointment due to budget or scheduling conflicts but the temperature is hot to the point that turning on the AC is necessary. If you can keep cool with fans, opt to do that rather than running the AC, but soaring temperatures might make it more sensible to turn on the AC. 

Change the air-conditioning filter. This is an action that you should do once a month going forward; however, you may have a family member with allergies, which means the frequency of changing the filters could be different. A doctor or HVAC professional can recommend the best type of air filter for allergy-prone individuals.

Check the fan blades and clean them if needed. Dust, dirt, and insect carcasses are common contaminants that might be on the blades. Use care because some fan blades are made from thin material. Also, do not attempt to clean the fan blades with the AC running for safety reasons.

Inspect the drain and air compressor. The compressor may have dead leaves, dirt, or grass clippings that need to be cleaned away. This is because the debris may negatively impact the efficiency of your AC unit. You will need to ensure that your AC is properly draining water away from the home, and you will need to turn the unit on to make this determination. If there is a clog in the drain, it could pose a water-damage risk. You can disconnect the drain and remove the obstruction if you know how. Otherwise, use an HVAC contractor such as Wright Total Indoor Comfort as a resource for clearing the drain.