Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

Replacing Or Upgrading Your Aging Heating System

Like so many things in your home, the heating system does have a lifespan that it is expected to last for. There are a lot of things that can affect that lifespan. The type of system, the amount of use it sees and the type of system can all contribute to how long it will last before it is time to either replace or upgrade the system. Depending on what type of system you have currently, that can be a big job.

Inspection And Repairs

If you have had trouble with the heating system in your home, it might be time to consider getting a full inspection of the system. Determining whether the system is in need of a minor repair or a major overhaul is important. If you are going to upgrade or replace the system, it is better to do it before the cold weather arrives. The system may be down for several days or several weeks depending on which way you decide to go. A complete overhaul or a replacement and upgrade of the system is going to be expensive but could save you money over the next few years with an increase in efficiency of the system and a decrease of the repair costs that you may be paying.

Selecting A Heating System For Your Home

If you make the decision to replace the system in your home, deciding what you will replace it with is the next big hurdle. In some locations, where the heat is not used a whole lot, electric baseboards can be a good choice but in areas that see extreme low temperatures, the electric heat will be much more expensive to operate. Considering a forced hot water system and a boiler is a good choice in these areas because it is more efficient and has a much lower impact on your electric bill. If you live in an area when natural gas is readily available and inexpensive a gas furnace might be the best choice. Discuss the options with the company that will be doing the work for you and see what they recommend for your area of the country.  

Considering Alternative Heating Systems

There are some alternative heating system on the market that might interest you as well. They might be more expensive to install but cheaper to run over the long run. One such system is a solar heating system that will heat water for your home and heating system with the sun. These systems are becoming more common but you may need to talk to a specialty installer to find out what the cost might be and if a system like that will work in your home.

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