Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

A Few Tips To Make Sure You Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

Keeping everyone cool in the summer heat means you have to rely on your home's air conditioning system. Of course, this means there are some simple maintenance tasks you need to perform regularly. In addition to making sure your system is running at its optimum level, these tasks will also give you an advance warning if something is going bad inside. This allows you to contact a professional technician to come and repair the unit before it quits working and things heat up inside. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your home stays cool inside regardless of the temperature outside.

Shut the Unit Down

To prevent electrical shock, it is important that any time you work on your AC unit you shut it down. It is not enough to simply turn the thermostat to a high temperature to keep it from turning on. Make sure you turn the system off and then flip the breaker to the off position too. It is best to do this in the early evening after it has started to cool off outside so the house will not heat up.

Clean the Condenser and the Compressor

At the outside unit, open up the wire cage on top. Carefully reach inside and remove any debris. You may want to use a wet/dry vacuum if a lot of dirt or dust is in there. Then, use a garden hose to clean the fins. This should be done from inside the unit so you do not force the dirt and debris back into it. 

Straighten the Cooling Fins

Using a butter knife, carefully straighten and of the cooling fins that are bent or crushed. If you notice a whole area has been crushed together, you may want to have a professional come to repair or replace them. It is important that the coolant can flow through the fins to keep the unit working efficiently and effectively.

Clear Around the Unit

After replacing the top of the unit, clear all around it. This may involve trimming or pruning trees, shrubs or bushes. Pick up any trash that may have blown into the area. You want to have two feet of clearance around the air conditioner to allow for good air flow.

Keeping the unit clean inside and out, and making sure nothing is blocking the air around it will help keep the unit working well. This will not only keep everyone comfortable but will also keep your cooling bills from getting too high.