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Signs That It's Time For A New Residential Heating Unit

Keeping your home warm and toasty is an absolute must in the winter time. Being forced to bundle up in layers of clothing and blankets because your heater has gone out isn't necessarily the best way to spend those cold nights. However, if you miss the signs of disrepair, this is just what you might find yourself doing. Take heed: If any of the following issues start happening in your house, it might be time to get a new heating unit.

You Smell A Burning Scent When The Heater Is On

If you ever find yourself walking from room to room in your home asking, "Do you smell that?" or "Are you cooking something?" there could be a problem brewing. That smell which seems to only kick in when you turn the heater on might mean that one or more parts in your heater are starting to deteriorate. There could be a lot of friction building up in the unit, and this is the reason why you can't seem to get that burning smell out of your house.

The Heat Levels Are Starting To Shift

You should also pay attention to the heat levels in your home. If you find that when you go in one room it seems to be much hotter than some of the others, your heater might be on the fritz. Uneven heat is not only a common indicator of a heating unit issue, but it's also highly frustrating. Who wants to be freezing cold in the kitchen but burning with heat while trying to relax in the living room?

Your Energy Bill Just Won't Go Down

When you receive your energy bill in the mail and nearly pass out when you see the total amount due, it's time to give the central heating unit in your home an inspection. If the system is starting to wear out, it's going to take more energy than it did in the past to operate correctly. This will most definitely be reflected on your monthly energy bill. The only way to find out if the heater is truly the problem is to let a residential heating services professional perform a thorough evaluation.

Taking note of what's happening with your heating system means that you can keep it in proper working condition for a long time. Make a mental checklist of these signs so that if they pop up you'll know just what to do.