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Removal Of Window Air Conditioning Units – Why And How To Do It

How long did it take you to talk someone into helping you put in the window air conditioning unit that has kept you comfortable all summer? Now that winter is approaching, it's time to begin the conversation about removing the unit and storing it until the spring, when you will have another conversation about putting it back in. Here, you'll find a few reasons why you shouldn't leave it where it is, how to remove it safely, and tips for storing it until next year.

Why You Should Remove the Unit

There are three main reasons to remove the air conditioning unit from the window.

  1. Energy Conservation – Even if you've done the best job installing the unit, you will still experience some heat loss over the winter.
  2. Security – Window air conditioning units are one of the weakest areas of the home for potential burglars to gain access.
  3. Wear and Tear – Your air conditioning unit doesn't need to be exposed to the harsh winter elements – allowing it to happen will result in a shorter life-expectancy for the unit.

How to Remove the Unit

First of all – this isn't the type of project that you'll want to take on without some help. These units are awkward and heavy and can cause serious injuries if you're not careful.

Now, you'll need to put on some boots – steel toe would be best, a long-sleeve shirt, and some work gloves.

Look out below! Make sure that nobody is hanging out around the window where you're removing the unit. You don't want it to accidentally slip out of your hands and land on someone.

Remove the screws holding it in place and carefully slide it into the house. Set it on the floor and undo whatever rigging you have done to make it fit into the window snugly.

How to Store the Unit

Before the unit is put away for the winter, you'll need to give it a good cleaning. Think about all of the dirt and mold that has formed inside the unit. Remove the screens, wipe down all visible surfaces and set it out in the sun to fully dry.

Once dry, wrap the unit with an old sheet or blanket to keep the dust and dirt off of it while it's being stored. Store it up off of the ground in a secure area.

When the time comes to put the unit back in next year, you'll just need to give it a quick dust off and you'll be good to go. Talk with your local HVAC technician for assistance if you don't feel comfortable completing this project on your own.

Hopefully these tips will keep your air conditioning unit in good condition. However, be sure to visit HVAC repair services if you find defects with your unit.