Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

How Bad Air Balancing Can Harm Your Commercial Building

Air balancing is crucial for a healthy commercial heating system. Air balancing helps to maintain climate control and ventilation. Buildings can often deal with spots of hot and cold air and areas with both high and low humidity. The following are some things you should know about air balancing in your commercial space.

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing helps to make sure the heating and air conditioning system delivers the necessary air and air pressure to a room. An HVAC technician assesses the airflow from different registers throughout a building to check the system pressure. The technician will also check the heat and humidity levels. These tests will tell you what issues your building has with the balance of air and what should be done to correct it.

Why Is Air Balancing Important?

A heating and cooling system does more than keep a room at a comfortable temperature. When the balance of air is not how it should be the system will be out of tune. You will ultimately spend more on energy costs to heat and cool a room without the temperature ever feeling right. You can experience drastic changes in humidity levels, exhaust buildup in rooms due to issues with air pressure, condensation buildup on your equipment, and overall discomfort for those who are in your building.

What Is the Cause of Bad Air Balance?

There are several causes of bad air balance in a building. The issues can stem from leaky ductwork, decreased power in the blower or exhaust fan, the wrong size of air filters, or broken or improperly installed outdoor air dampers.

The process of air balancing includes the identification of a specific problem. The HVAC technician will perform several diagnostic tests to determine the main cause of the issue, then proceed to either repair the problem or tell you what you can do to prevent poor air balance.

Repairing an air balancing issue is a delicate and complex process that only a professional HVAC technician should undertake. While you can do some general maintenance yourself, a professional diagnosis is necessary to get to the bottom of such an issue in a commercial building.

If you think you may have some problems with air balancing in your building, be sure to contact your HVAC contractor right away. The proper balance of hot and cold air will ensure you do not experience any expensive damages to your building or equipment due to the issues caused by poor air balance. Commercial air conditioning repair may be necessary.