Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

Installing Window AC Units in Your Home

Installing window air conditioning units can be among the easiest solutions for keeping the home a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to be considerate of the numerous factors that will need to go into the selection of an AC unit as well as installing it and keeping it running.

Ensure the AC Unit Can Fit in the Window

Homeowners will often fail to appreciate the need to ensure their new air conditioning unit will be able to fit in the window frame. In addition to considering the dimensions of the air conditioning unit, you will also want to factor the weight of the unit. Otherwise, you may find that this unit can actually cause damage to the window frame or may be at risk of falling out. Fortunately, a homeowner will not have to make this decision on their own as there are air conditioning installation contractors that will be able to assist homeowners with sizing and installing the unite. These services can be invaluable in situations where you are needing to install one of these units in a window that is an unusual shape or that is on an upper floor.

Place the Unit on the Shaded Side of the Home

When you are choosing the window for this unit, you may go for the shaded side of the home. This will keep the unit cooler, which will increase its effectiveness. Additionally, this will allow for the air to be cooler when you decide to run the unit in fan-only mode. If the unit were to be placed on the side of the home that receives strong sunlight, the air that it blows into the home could be much warmer than necessary. This may not always be possible given the layout of the room, but it should always be a factor that you are aware of.   

Know the Maintenance Your AC Unit Will Require

While window AC units can be cost-effective cooling options, they will require more maintenance than a central system. In particular, you will need to keep the unit clean and replace its filter on a periodic basis. However, window units may also have small fins on the back to protect the condensation coils. Unfortunately, if these fins become warped or bent, they may reduce the airflow over the coils, which can decrease the cooling capacity of the system. Luckily, straightening out these fins can be easy if you have a fin comb. This is a simple tool that can straighten out fins that have become bent.

Learn more about keeping your home cool by contacting AC unit installation services.