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Maintenance Steps To Take For The Condenser Unit

The condenser of your AC unit is the square-like component on the outside of your home. It's important that you care for it over the years so that your cooling system works great. Maintaining this special component doesn't have to cause you a lot of stress if you take these steps. 

Keep Base Level 

Whatever type of condenser is on the outside of your home, it probably will be sitting on a base. It may be a concrete pad or some other structure. This base needs to be even because if it's not, the oil that lubricates the motor won't be even. If uneven, then some sides may get lubricated while others may get neglected, which is a surefire way of running into motor troubles.

If you notice the base has become unlevel, find a way to fix this problem. You could put an object on a particular side or have the concrete padding completely redone. Just be sure to adjust the unlevel base as quickly as you can.

Clean Around and Inside Condenser

Leaves, debris, and other things will naturally collect in and around the condenser. You don't want to leave this component like this because chances are, the efficiency will be impacted and that can cost you more money down the road.

You need to clean around the condenser, focusing on the fins in particular. A shop vacuum makes this cleaning task easy. Take the top off and clean inside the condenser, making sure every surface is spotless. This helps maintain optimal efficiency throughout the year. 

Have Condenser Serviced

There are a lot of key maintenance steps you can perform to the condenser unit, but it can still serve you well to work with competent professionals. They can service this part and verify it's working great.

Some of the components they'll look at include the valves, piston, compression area, motor, connecting rod, and crankcase heater. Problems with any of these parts will be addressed so that their severity doesn't progress. The contractor you work with can also fill the motor up with more lubricant if the levels have gotten low.

Condenser units are a huge part of residential AC units working like they're supposed to, and that means you need to put it into gear with how this part is maintained. If you keep up with a routine schedule—which includes working with professionals—then you'll avoid costly condenser unit complications. 

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