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3 Strategies For Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your Residential Gas Furnace

The use of gas furnaces as a mechanism for home heating is widespread throughout the country. The popularity of gas furnaces can be attributed to the fact that natural gas is abundantly available and is more cost-effective to use compared to alternative fuel types such as oil, coal, and electricity. Plus, natural gas is also considered to be a cleaner choice of fossil fuel than oil and coal because it generates fewer harmful emissions. 

While gas furnaces are an energy-efficient home heating solution, there are opportunities for further energy savings. Homeowners looking to install gas furnaces simply need to identify and explore those opportunities.

Below are some effective strategies for maximizing the energy efficiency of gas furnaces used at home.

Installing a high-efficiency gas furnace.

When it comes to gas furnaces, the potential for energy savings largely depends on the efficiency rating of the product you choose. Different gas furnace models have different energy labels that dictate how efficiently they burn gas. Furnace models with the highest efficiency ratings are the most efficient to use. However, they tend to be the most expensive to purchase and install.

The good news is that high-efficiency furnaces pay for themselves in the long run because they burn less fuel than standard models.

Hiring professional gas furnace installation services.

Gas furnaces are only as efficient as how they have been installed. Errors made during furnace installation jobs can lead to costly energy inefficiencies down the road. 

Resist the DIY urge. Your gas furnace installation job should be left to a professional HVAC contractor because they possess the knowledge and skills needed to calculate your residential heating load and build the most efficient heat delivery system. Most DIYers can't meet these job requirements unless they have a background in furnace installation.

Doing regular gas furnace servicing.

Regardless of their efficiency rating, all gas furnace models need to be serviced regularly to keep operating efficiently. That said, it is important to get regular checks done by a professional HVAC contractor to ensure any performance and efficiency issues are identified and fixed early enough.

Regular maintenance of your gas furnace is a small investment that will go a long way in preventing costly heating bills and furnace repairs. 

When it comes to gas furnace installation, the choices can be daunting. The best way to choose the right furnace for your home is to talk to an HVAC contractor near you about your heating and energy saving needs.