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A Mini-Split Heat Pump Is A Home Heating Option To Consider For Your Cabin

While a forced-air furnace is one of the more popular types of home heating, it isn't the only option. If you want to heat a cabin, you might not have room for a furnace and ducts. An alternative to consider is a mini-split system that provides both cooling and heat and uses no ducts. Here are some pros and cons of heating your cabin with a mini-split home heating system.

You'll Need Less Equipment

If your cabin needs cooling in the summer as well as heat in the winter, then you can save on the amount of equipment you need to install and maintain by choosing a mini-split heat pump. The heat pump has a reversal valve so it can blow warm air indoors in the winter and provide cool air in the summer, saving the need for additional air conditioning equipment.

If you don't need air conditioning in the summer, then having an outdoor condenser for heat could be a potential downside. If you live in a wooded setting, the parts that control your furnace are subject to temperature extremes, animals, and tree debris. Snow could even be a potential problem if it covers the condenser and blocks airflow.

The Heat Pump Uses Blowers On The Wall

Instead of ducts, the mini-split system delivers warm air through blowers mounted on the wall near the ceiling. The advantage of this is you can place a blower where you want so you can control the heat. If you have a fireplace in the living room, you may only want a blower in your bedroom. You can heat the rooms you want and save money on operating costs.

However, these blowers aren't particularly attractive. They might even look more out of place in a rustic cabin, so you have to consider if the blower's appearance would bother you.

Heat Is Made With Refrigerant

Unlike a gas or electric forced-air furnace, a mini-split heat pump makes heat by using refrigerant. This isn't good or bad, but if a leak develops in the line, then your home won't have heat.

While a gas furnace might malfunction due to combustion problems and a heating element might become faulty in an electric furnace, the refrigerant system may malfunction in a heat pump. In this case, you won't be able to do repairs yourself. Repairs to the refrigerant line and filling refrigerant are jobs that a licensed heating contractor must do to comply with laws concerning the handling of refrigerant.

A mini-split heat pump has many advantages. A big bonus is that the bulky equipment is outdoors and out of the way. Plus, no ducts are needed. Conversely, a possible disadvantage is the appearance of the blowers on the walls of your cabin. Talk to a heating contractor about the best home heating system for your cabin. A heat pump might be ideal, but you might find a traditional furnace is still the best option. Contact a company that offers home heating service for more information.