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Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

A furnace that's in good condition can provide you with the much-needed heat you require during cold seasons. However, your furnace may start to wear down over time due to constant use. Eventually, the heating system may break down completely, calling for a furnace replacement. Here are signs your old furnace will probably show signs that you need a new furnace.

Yellow Burner Flame

The color of the flame of your furnace can tell you when your heating system needs replacement. Typically, the furnace flame is blue. Therefore, if the flame is yellow, that may signal that your furnace isn't burning the fuel as efficiently as it should. If so, the chances are that the furnace could be producing carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless toxic gas. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can cause breathing complications, and sometimes the outcome can be fatal.

Some indicators that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide include:

  • Soot formation around the furnace

  • Excess moisture on windows and cold surfaces

  • No upward draft in your chimney

  • Rusting pipes

If you observe these signs around the furnace, contact HVAC contractors to replace your furnace.

Uneven Heating

If you notice that some rooms are warmer than others, your furnace may be failing. In this case, there's probably an issue with the thermostat. If you set a certain room temperature, the thermostat may keep tripping, hence frequent adjustment. Furnace replacement is the best solution to ensure efficient heating throughout your house.

Frequent Repairs

Furnace maintenance is inevitable since your heating system is prone to damage. For instance, the furnace components may become loose or break. Ideally, professionals can repair minor damages and restore your heating system's functionality, but at a higher cost.

If you realize that your furnace requires frequent repairs, consider getting a furnace replacement instead. The chances are that the furnace repair costs will outweigh the system's value. Additionally, that's a sign that your furnace will soon break down completely beyond repair.

Strange Noises

Your furnace may emanate a humming noise when operating. However, if you hear rattling or banging noises, your system probably has problems. For instance, the internal parts may be broken or detached, causing the banging sounds. These noises can be irritating, and you may lose concentration when working. To avoid such problems, get a furnace replacement.

Yellow flame, strange noises, and frequent repairs are indicators that you need to replace your furnace. Consider getting a new furnace immediately when you see these signs. For more information, contact a furnace replacement service near you to learn more.