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4 Benefits Of Fuel Oil Delivery Plans

For those that depend upon fuel oil for heating their homes, regular delivery is a good option. Many services provide a delivery contract plan that ensures regular deliveries on a set schedule during the heating season. 

1. Lock In Your Price

Very few homes have an oil tank large enough to hold an entire winter's worth of fuel. For this reason, you will likely need to schedule several deliveries throughout the winter season. Heating oil prices tend to peak toward midwinter, but they trend lowest in summer. Many fuel delivery services will allow you to lock in the summer price if you sign up for a delivery plan in advance of the heating season.

2. Pay With Convenience

Entering into a fuel oil delivery schedule contract may also allow you to pay more conveniently. Some oil services will allow you to make monthly payments of a set amount if you are under contract, rather than paying for a fill all at once. Further, the payment can be automatic, so there is no need to be home during deliveries to pay the delivery technician.

3. Ensure Availability

When winters are especially cold or long, oil shortages can sometimes occur. You can ensure availability if you are on a delivery plan because the oil service will typically order enough oil in summer for all of their plan members, and delivery to these plan members takes priority over other oil orders that may come in. Plan members will also have delivery priority if there is a shortage of drivers to deliver oil, which means fewer delays. There will be few worries of going cold in the winter because you know your tank will be topped off on schedule.

4. Set a Convenient Schedule

Convenience is important, especially if you must be home to give access to the oil fuel port. Signing up for a delivery plan contract means you can schedule your delivery frequency and even the day of the delivery. This way your deliveries can work around your schedule. You can also budget your fuel usage as needed since you will know exactly when the next delivery is due. Frequency options can vary quite a bit. Some people prefer a monthly top-off service so they never have to worry about running out of oil, while others prefer to only get deliveries every six to eight weeks as the tank begins to approach empty.

Contact a fuel oil delivery service if you need to order your heating fuel for the season.