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4 Common Furnace Problems You Might Have At The Start Of The Season

When autumn comes, you might start thinking about turning on your furnace to heat your home. While your furnace might kick right on without any problems, there is also a chance you might have a few issues. Here are four common furnace problems that homeowners might have at the start of the fall and winter seasons.

1. You Did Not Turn the Thermostat to Heat

One thing you might want to check first is your thermostat. Your heat will not turn on if you do not turn it to the "heat" setting. If you think you did, push the button over to off and then back to heat. Next, check the temperature the thermostat is set to heat to, as this could also be the problem. For example, if your home is 68-degrees and your heat is set to 65, the heat will not turn on. You would need to set it to 69 or higher for it to kick on and produce heat.

2. You Have a Blown Breaker

The second thing you might want to check is the breaker. If the furnace breaker tripped, the furnace will not receive power. Without power, it will not kick on to start producing heat. You can check your electrical panel to see if you have any blown breakers. If you see one, you can turn it off and then back on. After doing this, your furnace might start just fine.

3. Your Filter Is Too Dirty

A dirty furnace filter can also cause problems with a furnace. When did you last change your filter? If you cannot remember, it might be time to change it. A dirty furnace filter blocks airflow, preventing the furnace from operating correctly. You can solve this problem by replacing your dirty filter with a new one. After replacing it, you can try your furnace once again.

4. You Have Issues with the Pilot Light

The other thing that might cause your furnace to have issues is the pilot light. If the pilot light is not on, you can try lighting it. If it will not stay lit, you will need to hire an HVAC company for help.

If you check these things, you might be able to solve the problem yourself. If not, you can contact an HVAC repair company for help. They can determine the problem and offer a remedy for it. Contact a local HVAC company today to schedule an in-home appointment for services.