Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

Four Modifications That Can Make Your Furnace Work More Effectively

Without needing to replace your entire furnace, there are several ways you can help make your furnace work more efficiently and keep your house more comfortable. Along with some optional changes to different components, you can also include some extra inspections, cleaning, and adjustment with your usual heater servicing.

Use a Different Motor

If your furnace currently uses a single-speed motor, you can often get better results by using a variable-speed motor instead. A variable-speed motor runs at different speeds depending on how much heating your house needs, which means that instead of only turning on when your house has gotten cold, it can run consistently at lower speeds, which in turn keeps your house's temperature stable and more comfortable. A motor is one of the more pricey components to replace, but it does mean you can gain these benefits without having to replace your entire furnace.

Install High-Velocity Ducts

If you need your ducts replaced, one good option is to have high-velocity ducts installed in place of your old metal ducts. High-velocity ducts lose much less air than traditional ducts, which makes them much more energy efficient. They are also a lot smaller, which means they can run through walls, floors, and ceilings where other ducts won't fit. The tradeoff of the initial cost for the energy efficiency they provide is often well worth it, so ask your furnace technician if these ducts would be a good option for your home.

Have Registers Adjusted and Cleaned

While you're having your furnace serviced, ask your technician to check your registers to make sure they are clean and adjusted properly. How your registers are adjusted is important, because if any are blocked or closed too tightly it can reduce the flow of air through your house and into your furnace. Closing registers in rooms you don't want to be heated won't save energy; it often just makes your furnace run for longer periods of time. Having your registers cleaned also helps reduce the amount of dirt and dust being pushed into your rooms whenever your furnace turns on, so if they haven't been cleaned in a few years, now is a good time to have it done.

Add a Humidifier

Air often gets dry during cold seasons, which can get pretty uncomfortable. While using a separate humidifier is one valid option, you can also opt to have a humidifier installed directly into your heating system. By having this installed directly, you can ensure a more even spread of more humid air throughout your home. On top of helping you avoid bloody noses and dry skin, adding some humidity this way can help your home feel a little warmer without actually raising the temperature. If dry air is a constant problem during winter, ask your furnace technician what it would take to get a humidifier installed into your current system.

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