Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

Ways That Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Can Help Your Business

The air conditioning unit may be one of your business's appliances that you will use the most frequently during the summer months. Problems with this important system can make the interior of your business uncomfortable enough to cause your customers to avoid the establishment, and it can reduce the productivity of your workers.  

Locating And Patching Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can be an issue that many businesses will encounter with their commercial AC units. While refrigerant leaks are often fairly small, they can still have a big impact on the performance of the system, and this is especially true for units that have to cool large commercial interiors. Due to the wide range of locations where a refrigerant leak can occur, a professional will be needed to locate the source of any leaks. One of the tools that these contractors can use will be a device that can pressurize the refrigerant system in the unit. This will make it possible to easily locate where the refrigerant is leaking from. As a result, they can find and repair these leaks to keep the disruptions to your business to a minimum.

Improving The Unit's Ability To Circulate Air Throughout The Occupied Areas Of The Building

If your air conditioning system is to effectively cool your business's interior, it will need to be capable of circulating large amounts of air throughout the entire structure. This can require the unit to have a very powerful blower. Unfortunately, some commercial buildings may have designs that can make it difficult for the unit to move air throughout the occupied areas. If this is the case with your commercial building, there are options to improve the movement of air through the ducting network. One of the more costly but effective options can be to upgrade the blower to one that has a higher capacity or to completely replace the system with a more powerful AC unit. Duct boosters are a more economical solution, but they may not be as effective. These boosters are high-capacity fans that can be placed in the ducting to help give the air more speed as it moves through the ducting and out the vents.

Winterizing The Unit During The Fall Months

During the fall, it can be wise to prepare your air conditioning unit for the winter months. This preparation can reduce the risk of the unit suffering catastrophic wear and damage as a result of the harsh winter conditions. Commercial air conditioning systems can be extremely valuable parts of your building, and minimizing the wear that they suffer during the winter months can be more than worth the costs of having a professional winterize the exterior unit.

For more information about commercial HVAC maintenance, contact a contractor in your area.