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When To Hire A Residential Heater Repair Service

A furnace doesn't last forever; however, if you are keen to see the signs of a breakdown, you can help extend its longevity. The sooner you hire a residential heater repair professional, the sooner they will fix the problem before it becomes more severe or even beyond repair. Here are some key indications you need a residential heating system repair.

The Heater Burns an Unusual Flame

A flickering flame is one of the first signs of a problem with your heater. This could be a sign that your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide. Additionally, you should ensure the furnace flame is blue. A blue flame means the fuel is burning normally. If the flame is orange, red, green, yellow, or purple, this is a red flag.

Your Home Is Cold, But the Thermostat Shows Otherwise

If your thermostat reads 80 degrees, but your home is still cold, you should be alarmed. In some cases, the problem is an indication of a clogged-up filter. Therefore, a change of the filter will fix the problem. The filter causes your heater to overheat. As a result, your heater will go into safe mode and blow cold air. If replacing the filter doesn't resolve the problem, you should schedule a residential heater repair.

Your Heater Makes Weird Noises

If your heater is making weird noises, consider consulting a professional. Different noises could mean different things. For example, an odd noise could mean a loose internal component. It might also mean your heater is about to collapse.

A screeching noise means there is a faulty blower wheel. It may also indicate there is an issue with the motor bearing. Loud popping noises show there is a problem with the heater's combustion. You should report any weird noises to your residential heater professional.

Your Heater Emits a Foul Odor

Like strange noises, your heater may emit foul odors, which could mean different things. If your heater releases an electrical odor, it could be overheating. The issue is likely with the wiring or motor. You may also notice a rotten egg smell which indicates a natural gas leak. The leak could be inside the system or from a pipe fitting.

If there is excessive moisture in your system, it will promote a conducive environment for mold. Mold also produces a musty smell and causes respiratory issues. Furthermore, an oil leakage also leaves a funny smell. If you notice any foul smell, shut off the heater and call over a heater repair service.

For more information on heating repair, contact a professional near you.