Sealing Up Damaged Ventilation Lines

Reasons Your AC Is Making Clicking Noises

Although an AC unit will hum or buzz when running, it should not be accompanied by loud clicking noises. Thus, if you hear clicking from your AC, it could be malfunctioning. Hence, it is crucial you employ HVAC repair services for your aircon diagnosis. The technicians will run tests to determine the underlying issues and remedy them to prevent costly repairs from a system breakdown. Below are the reasons your AC is making clicking noises.

Fan Obstruction 

The AC condenser fan is located in the outdoor unit; hence it is vulnerable to damage by debris accessing the fan cage. This results in the fan blades bending and scrapping against the air handler repeatedly, producing a clicking sound. Moreover, sticks or plant matter may obstruct the fan's motion, making clicking noises as the fan attempts to rotate. Therefore, it is imperative you contact an AC technician to fix the fan blades and clear the obstacles blocking the fan.

Control Board Problems

An AC unit will produce a single click sound when starting up as the thermostat sends a signal to the capacitor to power up the unit. If the clicking noises increase and yet your AC is not turning on, you could have an electrical problem. Power surges may fray the wiring, blocking the passage of electrical charge from the capacitor, hence causing a clicking sound as it attempts to start. Moreover, your AC will make clicking sounds if a defective capacitor controls the switch. Thus, you should hire an HVAC technician to replace the control switch and the shorted wires and secure the electrical connections to pass current easily.

Compressor Issues

If the clicking sounds emanate from the outdoor unit, your compressor could be malfunctioning. This is because the bolts loosen over time, producing clicking noises when the compressor runs. Furthermore, the coolant line set could become loose due to vibrations in the condenser unit, making a soft click noise as it hits the frame of the AC. Therefore, you must engage an HVAC expert's services to tighten the bolts and fasten the line set securely to prevent compressor failure.

Freezing of The Unit

If your unit is experiencing a faulty defrost cycle, ice will form on the coils. Moreover, if the airflow is restricted, the coils will freeze as the coolant flows without expelling heat adequately. Consequently, you will hear clicking sounds as the ice echoes in the aircon. Hiring an HVAC professional is vital to thaw the ice and rectify the defrost cycle for proper heat transfer.

Even though clicking sounds are not the most oppressive, they are disruptive. Thus, you should contact an HVAC contractor to tune up your system routinely.