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3 Things That Cause A Furnace To Run A Long Time And The Furnace Repairs That Might Help

When you realize that your furnace has been running for a long time, it's a good idea to pay attention to what's going on. Your furnace is supposed to cycle on and off at regular intervals. Running all the time or for very long periods is usually a sign that something is wrong. Here are things that can cause your furnace to run more than it should and the furnace repairs that can fix the problem. 

1. The Thermostat Is Set Wrong

Be sure to check your thermostat before you call a furnace repair company about the problem. If the thermostat was somehow changed, that could be the source of the trouble. If the temperature is set too high, the furnace may need to run a long time to heat up your house. If that's the case, your home may be hotter than usual too.

Another thing that makes your furnace run all the time is when the thermostat is on the fan rather than the auto setting. If the settings are correct, the furnace repair technician may need to test the thermostat and wiring connections to ensure the thermostat is operating properly. If not, the thermostat or wires may need to be replaced.

2. The Limit Switch Is Bad

When your furnace kicks on and starts heating, the blower doesn't come on right away. Instead, the air warms and builds first and when the proper temperature is detected, the limit switch kicks on the blower, and the warm air is circulated through your home.

When the furnace shuts off, there is still warm air available so the blower keeps working. When the warm air is gone, the limit switch shuts the blower off. When the limit switch goes bad, the blower will just keep running. That drives up your power bill and affects how well your furnace can work. A furnace repair technician fixes this problem by putting in a new limit switch.

3. There Is An Airflow Restriction Or Leak

If air isn't blowing out of the vents as powerfully as usual, your home may not heat up very fast so your furnace has to run for a long time. The furnace repair contractor has to look for things that restrict airflow. One is a filter that's clogged with dust, so the repair technician will change the filter if necessary.

Another reason could be something wrong with the duct system. The connection to the furnace may be loose so warm air is leaking out rather than blowing through the ducts. The technician can check for leaks in the furnace and ducts to find out where the problem is located. Connections may need to be tightened or sealed. Openings in ducts might be repaired with duct tape.

Once leaks are sealed, the furnace repair technician can test the output of your furnace again to see if the airflow is stronger. Contact a local HVAC service to learn more about furnace repair.