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Surprising Reasons Central Air Units Fail Faster Than They Should

Without question, the invention of the central air conditioner for residential use was one of the most beneficial innovations of modern times. As humans, most people have grown so accustomed to having a cooled home that they won't realize how much they need an AC until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, a few common missteps can lead to a need for air conditioning repair. Check out a few surprising reasons you may not know. 

Excess Amounts of Pet Hair in the House 

Owning pets that share your indoor space is not a rarity. However, indoor pets that shed a great deal can pose a major risk to your home's central AC unit. Hair that makes its way into the return registry funnels through the system and should be stopped by the filter. Yet, some hair can get caught in the return registry or slip through an ill-fitting or low-quality filter. When hair accumulates inside the system, it inhibits airflow, which puts undue stress on the fan motor and the condenser that relies on good airflow to do its job. 

Intermittent Issues with Electrical Power 

Unstable electrical delivery can cause issues with a home's air conditioning system. Therefore, if you live in a home that consistently has problems with power outages or unstable electrical power, you are more likely to have a need for air conditioning repair at some point. The standard central air unit has several relay switches and fuses that help route power to the proper system components. Inconsistent current puts stress on these components, which means they can go out faster than they should with power stability issues. 

Neglecting the Exterior Condenser Unit's Perimeter 

The exterior condenser unit has many important jobs to do. This unit forces heated air out of the air conditioner and out of your home to make way for cooler indoor air. The condenser relies heavily on airflow to do its job, which is why the large fan inside takes up the bulk of the space inside the housing. If the perimeter around the condenser is ill-maintained, it can inhibit airflow from the condenser unit. For example, if fallen leaves, growing weeds, or trash is allowed to accumulate around the unit, this could be taxing on the fan motor. 

Talk to an Air Conditioning Repair Professional for Help 

It is never a welcomed event when an AC goes down. However, most units can be repaired instead of replaced. For more information about AC repair, contact a local company.