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What To Expect During Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation

Mini split air conditioning systems are a great way to cool your home efficiently and effectively. These systems do not require ductwork installation, but a few steps in the installation process still make the project unique. Nevertheless, with proper installation, the mini split air conditioner can provide years of comfort. Further, these systems can offer this comfort at an affordable price due to low energy consumption. As you prepare for your new mini split air conditioner to be installed, there will be a few things it may be helpful to know as far as what to expect. Take a look at the steps involved in the installation process for a mini-split system.

Initial Evaluation and Planning 

The installer will assess your home to determine the best location for the indoor and outdoor units. During the initial evaluation, the technician will likely discuss what they need from you to get prepared for the primary installation. 

Some tips that can make the installation process go smoothly include:

  • Clear a path for the installer to access the areas where the units will be installed
  • Make sure the area is well-ventilated
  • Be prepared to answer any questions the installer may have about your home

Installing Lines and Wiring 

Once you have a plan in place, the functional components of the system will be installed. The air conditioner installation technician will drill holes in the wall or ceiling to run the refrigerant lines. Electrical wiring to power the new system will also be installed and connected to the electrical panel in your home. The goal during this step is to have everything ready to connect right to the system when it is placed. 

Indoor and Outdoor Unit Installation 

The indoor unit will be installed on the wall or ceiling, and the outdoor unit will be installed outside. Several steps may go into installing these two components. For example, mounting the interior unit may involve creating a small opening in the exterior wall for lines that have to connect to the exterior unit outdoors. If you have chosen a multi-zoned cooling system or have a larger home, you may have multiple interior and exterior units installed. After these components are installed, the refrigerant lines and electrical wiring will be connected to the units.

System Testing and Final Discussions 

The system will be tested to make sure it is working properly once everything is connected. After the installation is complete, the installer will also provide you with instructions on how to use and maintain your mini split air conditioning system.

Reach out to an air conditioning installation contractor to learn more.