What To Expect During Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation

Mini split air conditioning systems are a great way to cool your home efficiently and effectively. These systems do not require ductwork installation, but a few steps in the installation process still make the project unique. Nevertheless, with proper installation, the mini split air conditioner can provide years of comfort. Further, these systems can offer this comfort at an affordable price due to low energy consumption. As you prepare for your new mini split air conditioner to be installed, there will be a few things it may be helpful to know as far as what to expect. [Read More]

Unleash The Power Of Earth: A Guide To Geothermal Heating And Air For Eco-Conscious Homeowners

Are you an eco-conscious homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a comfortable living environment? Look no further than geothermal heating and air. This innovative technology harnesses the Earth's natural energy, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to your heating and cooling needs. Discover the benefits of geothermal energy, how it works, and how to make it a part of your green lifestyle. 1. What is Geothermal Energy? [Read More]

HVAC Tips For Coastal Areas

The humid and salty air in coastal neighborhoods corrodes HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. The corrosion decreases heating and cooling efficiency, leads to frequent breakdowns, and shortens lifespans. Below are tips to minimize your coastal environment's effects on your HVAC system. Buy a Coastal Unit Choose an HVAC system built for coastal homes. HVAC manufacturers understand the effect of coastal environments on their products. The manufacturers have specific products for use in coastal areas without accelerated corrosion. [Read More]

Problems With Buying Air Conditioners From Third-Parties Online

These days you can buy and ship almost everything to your house, including an air conditioner (AC). You can buy both used and new systems online. However, the best way to install or replace an air conditioner (AC) is to work with a professional contractor to choose and install the AC. Below are reasons to be wary of online AC purchases from third parties. Sizing Issues Buying an AC from a contractor does not just involve paying money and getting the system delivered, at least not with systems other than portable air conditioners. [Read More]